[Sca-cooks] Lactose intolerant Pizza -was- Re: capsicums

Kathleen Madsen kmadsen12000 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 05:06:11 PST 2007

Pizza is attainable for those who are lactose
intolerant, you just have to tweak it a little. 
Lactose is found primarily in the whey of the cheese,
that's the moisture content.  The softer and fresher a
cheese the more lactose it has, the older and dryer
the less lactose.  Mozzarella has a somewhat high
lactose content, Romano and Parmesan has a very low
lactose content.  If you limit the mozz you can bulk
up your cheesy flavor with the others.  Voila!  Pizza
with cheese and more flavor!  Mozz is rather bland on
it's own.

Lactose intolerance is usually an allergic reaction to
an enzyme found in cow's milk - but it's an enzyme
that isn't found in sheep or goat milk.  If you have
LI and are willing to do a controlled study get a
small piece of chevre or container of sheep's milk
ricotta and see if you have any reaction to it.  If
not, then you now have an alternative for that
mozzarella texture (there's a goat milk variety
available).  If you do still have that LI reaction
then you know to avoid soft goat and sheeps milk
cheeses as well.

Eibhlin, the cheesemaking laurel

> 'Cause I love the cheese on pizza....'member I said
> I shouldn't have 
> it...doesn't really stop this child from eating it.
> I'm told I make a mean 
> deep dish...That way I can control the spices.
> Berti

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