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On 3/6/07, Kathleen Madsen <kmadsen12000 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Lactose intolerance is usually an allergic reaction to
> an enzyme found in cow's milk - but it's an enzyme
> that isn't found in sheep or goat milk.  If you have
> LI and are willing to do a controlled study get a
> small piece of chevre or container of sheep's milk
> ricotta and see if you have any reaction to it.  If
> not, then you now have an alternative for that
> mozzarella texture (there's a goat milk variety
> available).  If you do still have that LI reaction
> then you know to avoid soft goat and sheeps milk
> cheeses as well.
> Eibhlin, the cheesemaking laurel

No, lactose intolerance is NOT an allergy (although people can be
allergic as well). Lactose intolerance refers to those people who
don't produce the enzyme "lactase" which is required for metabolizing
lactose. Lactase is produced by almost all children, in order to
digest their mother's milk, however, many cultures don't use milk as a
food after weaning, so the production of the enzyme ceases or reduces
extremely. Consequently, among those populations, there is a very high
incidence of lactose intolerance as adults- notably Asian and Native
American cultures suffer this. It is, however, very rare amongst
Northern European, and other cultures which eat milk products
throughout their lives.

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