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Lactose intolerance is usually an allergic reaction to
an enzyme found in cow's milk - but it's an enzyme
that isn't found in sheep or goat milk.   < SNIP > > >

Lactose is a sugar (-ose ending is a key to recognize them) found in milk.
The enzyme (klactase . . . the -ase ending is enzyme) is for breaking down
that sugar.  The intolerance is NOT an allergy unless there is also a huge
histiminic reaction with repsreatory distress and such, but that is a whole
'nother topic.  Classic lactose intollerance is the inability to fully
digest the lactose in milk . . . due to low levels of the enzymes in your
own system.

Many, many people claim it to be an allergy for various reasons.  Allergies
are specific phisiologic reactions a related cluster of symptoms.  Generally
they are not the same as the ones experienced by lactose intollerance, the
latter being more gastro-intestinal in nature than most allergies IN

niccolo difrancesco

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