[Sca-cooks] TV advice requested

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 6 08:10:10 PST 2007

>So if someone was interested in you doing a 2 minute clip on medieval 
>cooking (no recipes) once a fortnight on a television show, what would you 
>do? What would you cover, or think would interest the general public 
>without being too esoteric or too dumbed-down?

Debunk some common myths and misconceptions.
"Meat had heavy sauces to disguise rottenness"
"Henry VII eating a turkey leg"
"Peasant food was slop"

Also, cooking techniques such as describing coffyns and indicating they were
basically used like a slow cooker or claypot.  Roasting and basting, 
basting with a batter. Grilling techniques.

Show illusion foods like Train Roast and hardboiled eggs made from
ground almond.

Display proper dining methods. The correct way to arrange trencher slices.
How to eat politely from a common bowl or plate. Handwashing. Use of
knife and spoon with no fork.  Sharing of a napkin.

Seasonings like verjus, powdre fort, powdre douce, rose water, saffron,
camelyne, ginger, cubebs, grains of paradise, etc... Discuss how they were
used, what they taste like, where they come from.
The love of sweet with savory or sour.

Just some ideas.


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