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Greetings the list

Bear, you may be on to something there, though the
text is wonderfully unclear :-)  I looked at Adamsons
transliteration and at the facsimile of Guter Spise
that I have.  She (dont get me started on her rant, I
have my own about folks who only feel important by
ragging on others...) is pretty much on with the
If I am on the same page you are discussing recipe 8? 
The piglet (three weeks old) forcemeat (pull out meat
and innards and two eggs and chop and mix with bread
and bacon and raw eggs) stuffed back in the skin,
roasted gently and then 'put a board on a bowl (Im
still not sure that Schuesseln is really bowl, but I
have no better option yet) and  put four
stickers/small sticks (on the board?) and dress the
board with a leaf of eggs and put the piglet on it and
dress it also with a leaf (this one does not specify
eggs or gold or any other leaf) and let the ears be
out and also the mouth and carry it in. '

I can see where she gets a crepe like object, but gold
leaf would not be out of character for a fancy dish
with as much effort as this one requires.  I want to
spend more time looking over the other recipes to see
if the book has specific illusions or decorations

In Service (or just muddying the waters)
Gwen Cat  
Shocked at being in the top 10, though perhaps cause I
am including all the pertinent previous stuff.  0.0

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I've just been rereading Atlas's translation and
transcription and been 
working around some of the vocabulary choices.

I don't think they are talking about an egg glaze
(which should be put 
during cooking) and I think they may be leaving out
some "understood" 
points.  The instructions for the dish on the serving
board makes sense 
the context of a sauce and the term used can be
construed in modern 
to mean a gravy boat.  The four "sticks" can also be
read as "pins" to 
the piglet in position (I have a modern serving board
with metal pins 
keep the meat from shifting).  The leaf of eggs on the
board is very 
possibly an egg crepe to provide a visual bed under
the piglet.  And I 
the instruction to dress it with a leaf and place it
in the ears and 
mouth may mean to dress the ears and mouth with gold

Ritzy dish.


>I happen to have both books (Atlas is comb bound
after I downloaded 
it) on
> my shelves.  Take a look at the translations for
whole roast pig.  I 
> think either of them got it even close to right. 
Pinning little 
> all over piggy?  From the roast baby pig we had in
Segovia, Spain, I 
> the book is trying to tell the cook to drizzle a
thin flour/egg/water
> mixture over piggy just before finishing up to give
the skin a nice 
> and crackle.
> Considering the other book Adamson edited I'm not so
sure of her 
> culinary skills.  In fact, when I contacted the
publisher of the 
> Spise in the Austrian university I got back a reply
that the local 
> teacher and some of his class were having a ball
trying to cook from 
> I
> tried to guide him to this list, but he didn't feel
his schedule 
would let
> him take on an English Language list with as much
volume as this one 
> Regina

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