[Sca-cooks] Roast piggy was Doing my best from digest Issue 22

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 6 22:06:09 PST 2007

Yep.  I was playing with recipe 8.

Schuesseln is, I believe modernly Schussel with the umlauted U. which can 
translate as dish, bowl, basin, tureen, sauce boat, gravy boat, and (of a 
meal) dish or course.  The terminal "n" and the usage make me think this may 
mean "a small bowl."  I suspect the meaning is "lay on that a dish," as 
opposed to putting the board on the dish.   This interpretation would also 
match the grammatic logic of the following sentence, as I understand it

Blat without any modifiers is really general and can mean a thin sheet of 
anything, but it occurs to me that the ears on a roast piglet would probably 
be the most overcooked piece of meat on the animal and a little gilding 
would hide them and brighten up the festivities.

As a manuscript cookbook, I think part of the translation problem is this is 
a culinary aide-memoire rather than a collection of fully transcribed 
recipes.  That would explain the gaps in the instructions.


> Greetings the list
> Bear, you may be on to something there, though the
> text is wonderfully unclear :-)  I looked at Adamsons
> transliteration and at the facsimile of Guter Spise
> that I have.  She (dont get me started on her rant, I
> have my own about folks who only feel important by
> ragging on others...) is pretty much on with the
> transliteration.
> If I am on the same page you are discussing recipe 8?
> The piglet (three weeks old) forcemeat (pull out meat
> and innards and two eggs and chop and mix with bread
> and bacon and raw eggs) stuffed back in the skin,
> roasted gently and then 'put a board on a bowl (Im
> still not sure that Schuesseln is really bowl, but I
> have no better option yet) and  put four
> stickers/small sticks (on the board?) and dress the
> board with a leaf of eggs and put the piglet on it and
> dress it also with a leaf (this one does not specify
> eggs or gold or any other leaf) and let the ears be
> out and also the mouth and carry it in. '
> I can see where she gets a crepe like object, but gold
> leaf would not be out of character for a fancy dish
> with as much effort as this one requires.  I want to
> spend more time looking over the other recipes to see
> if the book has specific illusions or decorations
> listed.
> In Service (or just muddying the waters)
> Gwen Cat
> Shocked at being in the top 10, though perhaps cause I
> am including all the pertinent previous stuff.  0.0

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