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Wondering if Sabina Welserin's similar recipe, for lamb, might give
some insight into the technique in general. Where'd the original
German go? Can't find it- figured it might help with comparing

153 To prepare an Easter lamb

Take the lamb and draw off the skin and leave him the ears and the
feet and the tail , cover with a wet cloth, so that the hair does not
burn. Roast the whole lamb in this manner in the oven on a board. And
if you would like for it to be standing, then stick a spit into each
leg. When it is almost roasted, then baste it with eggs and take it
out. Let it cool, take a cloth that is three spans long, fill it full
of butter and bind it up and press it through with a stick. It gets
crinkled like real wool, then take it and make wool out of it for the
lamb. Stand it then on a nice board. Make a fence out of butter around
it, in the manner which follows. [17]

154 A lamb of another sort

Make it exactly as the preceding description, cover it, however, with
a multicolored covering. It is made like so: Take eggs, put the whites
separate from the yolks, beat the eggs, put some salt into it and
sugar, take a pan, put pure fat into it, let it become hot, pour the
fat completely out of the pan, put the egg white into it, let it run
here and there around the pan, hold it over the fire, not too long,
however, only until it begins to quiver. Afterward hold the pan on the
fire, until it becomes dry, and hold it not too near, so that it
remains white, and make in this way as many pancakes as you wish. Do
not make them too thick, not thicker than a thin cloth. Afterwards
make the yellow ones exactly like this, put saffron in the egg yolks.
Brown is made precisely so, take cherry jam strained through with the
eggs and make pancakes out of it. So you have four colors, cover the
lamb with them and cut the colors according to the length, as wide as
you would like. After that take cinnamon sticks, make small nails out
of them, push them with the thick end into Strauben batter, which
should be yellow and fry them in fat, then they have buttons. If you
would like, you can gild or silver them. Then take hard-cooked eggs
and cut them open at the end, take the fried cinnamon sticks, stick
them through the tips of the eggs and fasten the colors in the fashion
on the lamb. And color half the eggs yellow and leave the others
white. Make a fence from good spices around the lamb, put the lamb on
the board. After that take smoked meat, that is very red, cook it and
cut off the outside. Chop it very small, then take eggs, cook them
hard, cut them apart, the white from the yellow, chop each by itself,
and when the lamb is ready, then put the white on one side of the
board and the yellow on the opposite side, in one place or the other
lay the whole hard-cooked eggs on it and also the pancakes, also if
you have it or want it, honey. This lamb is better for eating than
that described earlier. When the meat is prepared in this way, it does
not become ugly and everything is edible except the board.

On 3/6/07, Cat . <tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I can see where she gets a crepe like object, but gold
> leaf would not be out of character for a fancy dish
> with as much effort as this one requires.  I want to
> spend more time looking over the other recipes to see
> if the book has specific illusions or decorations
> listed.
> In Service (or just muddying the waters)
> Gwen Cat
> Shocked at being in the top 10, though perhaps cause I
> am including all the pertinent previous stuff.  0.0

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