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Thanks, Bear ;-) This business of being halfway between two, soon to
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Let me put these two together, so maybe it'll help you guys.

On 3/7/07, Saint Phlip <phlip at 99main.com> wrote:
> Wondering if Sabina Welserin's similar recipe, for lamb, might give
> some insight into the technique in general. Where'd the original
> German go? Can't find it- figured it might help with comparing
> vocabulary:
> 153 To prepare an Easter lamb
> Take the lamb and draw off the skin and leave him the ears and the
> feet and the tail , cover with a wet cloth, so that the hair does not
> burn. Roast the whole lamb in this manner in the oven on a board. And
> if you would like for it to be standing, then stick a spit into each
> leg. When it is almost roasted, then baste it with eggs and take it
> out. Let it cool, take a cloth that is three spans long, fill it full
> of butter and bind it up and press it through with a stick. It gets
> crinkled like real wool, then take it and make wool out of it for the
> lamb. Stand it then on a nice board. Make a fence out of butter around
> it, in the manner which follows. [17]

Ain aisterlam zú machen

Nim ain lam, zeúch die haút ab bis aúf die klaen vnnd
lasß jm die oren vnnd fiesß vnd den schwantz, mit ainem
nassen thúch, das die har nit verbrinnent, das lam brat also
gantz jn ainem offen aúff ainem bret, vnnd wiltú, das es
stand, so steck jm ain spis am fúsß/ so es schier gebraten jst/
so begeúß mit airen vnnd thús heraús, lasß kalt werden, thú
dan ain túch, das dreý span lang seý, voller púter vnnd verbints
vnnd bresß dúrch mit ainem brigel, es gat kraús herdúrch
wie rechtschaff woll, die nim dan vnnd mach dem lam
ain woll daraús, machs dan aúff ain schens bret/ mach ain
zan mit búter darúmb, wie hernach folgt.

> 154 A lamb of another sort
> Make it exactly as the preceding description, cover it, however, with
> a multicolored covering. It is made like so: Take eggs, put the whites
> separate from the yolks, beat the eggs, put some salt into it and
> sugar, take a pan, put pure fat into it, let it become hot, pour the
> fat completely out of the pan, put the egg white into it, let it run
> here and there around the pan, hold it over the fire, not too long,
> however, only until it begins to quiver. Afterward hold the pan on the
> fire, until it becomes dry, and hold it not too near, so that it
> remains white, and make in this way as many pancakes as you wish. Do
> not make them too thick, not thicker than a thin cloth. Afterwards
> make the yellow ones exactly like this, put saffron in the egg yolks.
> Brown is made precisely so, take cherry jam strained through with the
> eggs and make pancakes out of it. So you have four colors, cover the
> lamb with them and cut the colors according to the length, as wide as
> you would like. After that take cinnamon sticks, make small nails out
> of them, push them with the thick end into Strauben batter, which
> should be yellow and fry them in fat, then they have buttons. If you
> would like, you can gild or silver them. Then take hard-cooked eggs
> and cut them open at the end, take the fried cinnamon sticks, stick
> them through the tips of the eggs and fasten the colors in the fashion
> on the lamb. And color half the eggs yellow and leave the others
> white. Make a fence from good spices around the lamb, put the lamb on
> the board. After that take smoked meat, that is very red, cook it and
> cut off the outside. Chop it very small, then take eggs, cook them
> hard, cut them apart, the white from the yellow, chop each by itself,
> and when the lamb is ready, then put the white on one side of the
> board and the yellow on the opposite side, in one place or the other
> lay the whole hard-cooked eggs on it and also the pancakes, also if
> you have it or want it, honey. This lamb is better for eating than
> that described earlier. When the meat is prepared in this way, it does
> not become ugly and everything is edible except the board.

Ain ander lam

Mach also, wie vor stet/ verdecks mit ainer tailten deckin,
die mach also/ nim or, thú das weisß besonder vnnd das
gelb besonder/ klopf die air, thú ain wenig saltz darein vnnd
zúcker, nim ain pfannen, thú ain saúber schmaltz darein,
lasß es haisß werden, geúsß das schmaltz gar aús der pfannen/
geúsß das weisß von den airen darein, lasß jn der pfannen
hin vnnd her lauffen, halts jber feúr/ vnnd nit zú lang/
nim, bis es anfacht zú zittern, darnach halt die pfannen zum
feúr, bis es drúcken wirt, vnnd halts nit zú nach darzú, damit
er weisß bleib, vnnd mach also die pfentzlen, so úil dú wilt/
machs nit zú dick, nim wie ain tinns túch/ darnach
mach die gelben aúch allso, thu saffera an dotter, jtem braún
mach aúch also, nim ain lattwerin von weixlen, streich die
aúch mit airen dúrch vnnd mach pfentzen daraus/ so hast
dú 4 farb, darmit bedeck das lam vnnd schneidt die farben
nach der lengs, wie brot dú wilt, nachdem nim rerlen, mach
klaine zwecklen daraús, stosß die an den grossen orten jn
streiblentaig/ der gelb seý, bachs jm schmaltz, so gewinent
sý knepf/ wiltu, magsts vergúlden oder versilberen/ dan so
nim herte air vnnd schneid jn oben die spitz ab, nim dan die
gebachne rerlen/ stoß die dúrch den airspitz/ vnnd hefft
also die farben an das lam/ vnnd ferb die air halb gelb, lasß
das ander weisß, mach ain zann vmbs lam mit gútem gewirtz,
thú das lam aúffs bret/ darnach nim diges flaisch, das
schen rot jst, seúds vnd schneidt das aússer darúon, hacks
klain, nim dan air, seuds hert, schneid das vonainander, das
weisß vnnd das gelb besonder, hack ýedes besonder, vnnd
wans lam gemacht jst, so thú das weisß an ain ort aúf das
bret/ vnnd das gelb aúch an ain ort jbereck/ an ain ort/
oder an ain ander/ vnnd leg darzú gantz air hert gesotten
vnnd aúch fladen, hastu honig oder wilt dú/ das lam jst
lústiger zú essen dan das vorgeschriben/ wie man das flaisch
macht, es wirt nit vngesalt vnnd jst alles zú essen one das

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