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Yes, every blossom that is picked or cut will not produce a rose hip or a seed of
some sort.  But with roses, once the rose blossom has been pollenated, the petals
are not longer needed and soon will wither and drop off.  A good rose gardener can
have his/her roses pollenated by bees, then strip off all the petals while they are
still moist and full of oils and scent, and still get a rose hip to develop, which
can be used for culinary purposes or for herbal drinks.  And the best propagation
of roses comes from cutting slips and rooting them than from allowing the rose hip
to develop into a seed.

In a similar vein, I am sure that once an orange blossom has been pollenated, the 
blossom also sheds its petals and the orange soon starts to develop.  I am sure that
having a whole grove of fully grown orange trees you can obtain millions of orange 
blossom petals without trying too hard and still get a good crop of oranges as well.


--- "Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius" <adamantius1 at verizon.net> wrote:

> I do realize rose hips are edible. Nonetheless, if you look at  
> quantities consumed, it really doesn't make a significant change to  
> my point. It still _might_ help explain the phenomenon when you  
> consider the possibility that people knew that every blossom plucked  
> is one that doesn't produce fruit -- but apparently did it more with  
> roses, overall, than they did with oranges.
> But yes, sheer volume of blossoms required might be a factor as well,  
> as well as the fact that we can't assume that orange blossoms yield  
> the same amount of essential oil, attar, whatever you call it, as  
> roses, per hundredweight.
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