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Subject: Jamestown food history symposium: the Journey that Changed the 
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I'd like to share the following information with everyone on this list:

April 20-21, 2007, Virginia Tech campus, Blacksburg, VA

"From Jamestown to the Blue Ridge:  Cooking up 400 Years of Culinary 
in Virginia," sponsored by the Peacock Harper Culinary History 
Committee,* offers a unique opportunity to learn how food affected the 
of early settlers in our new country. The Symposium celebrates the 400th
anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English
settlement in the New World. Topics will cover food rationing during the
Civil War, Jefferson's introduction of French cuisine at Monticello, the
English influence on early Virginia cookbooks, methods of hearth 
and the challenges of slave cookery, to name just a few. Some of 
foremost historians and nationally known authors specializing in the
culinary history aspects of our society will share their expertise 
the two-day event. Famed Civil war historian James I. Robertson, Jr. and
poet Nikki Giovanni will join food historians Barbara Haber and John 
in discussing America's early food history, along with several other
speakers, including Leni Sorensen, the specialist in African-American
history at Monticello.

Save the date and plan to spend a day or two in historic Virginia, 
in the history of food in the early days of the colonial South. 
the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains during springtime. Enjoy a tour of
Historic Smithfield Plantation (www.smithfieldplantation.org). Explore 
Special Collections section at the Newman Library at Virginia Tech, 
houses the Southeast's largest collection of historic cookbooks and
ephemera. Eat historic foods inspired by authentic colonial recipes.
Celebrate food history. Taste glorious Virginia wines. And in doing so,
commemorate "the journey that changed the world."

*The Peacock Harper Culinary History Collection Committee was founded in
1999. Its purpose is to gather and maintain a collection of historic
cookbooks, manuscripts and ephemera, housed in the Special Collections
section at Newman Library on the Virginia Tech campus. Cataloguing and
digitizing the growing collection for worldwide access is an ongoing 
of the committee. See attachment with more information on the 

This symposium is the only such food-related event being held during 
year commemorating the founding of Jamestown, Virginia, and hence the 
States. The Web site for the symposium can be seen at
http://www.cpe.vt.edu/culinary-va; we also have a registration brochure 
those who prefer to register offline.

Hope to see many of you here in Blacksburg in April.

Cynthia D. Bertelsen

Chair, "From Jamestown to the Blue Ridge:  Cooking up 400 Years of 
History in Virginia"

cbertel at usit.net

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