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Current class listing:

A Temperance of Cooks - Calontir Cook's Guild Symposium April 28th, 2007
Sponsored by the Barony of Forgotten Sea & Hosted by the Shire of Lost Moor
April 27, 28 and 29th 2007
Instructor                                                           Class Title/Topic
HRM Caillin MacKenzie                                 Humoural Theory 
HRM Caillin MacKenzie                                 Teutonic Manuscript
Duke Cariadoc of the Bow                              Islamic Cooking 
Mistress Kateryn de Develyn                          Period Manuscripts 
Mistress Gwyneth Espicier                             “Food of the gods:  Chocolate in period”   
Mistress Gwyneth Espicier                             Redacting Period Recipes  
Mistress Diana nic Luthais MacLean              Outdoor cooking class 
*Mistress Magdalena vander Meere                 Bread sauces 
Mistress Anges                                                Plant Confusions  
HL Gwen A Brooke                                        Mustard class  
HL Gwen A Brooke                                        Vinegar class       
HL Malgar Thorvik                                         Outdoor spit roasting class, held at camp
HL Suzanne de la Ferté                                    Cooking with Flowers
HL Suzanne de la Ferté                                    Food and Feasting in Renaissance Italy
Lord Sean of Aston Tor                                  Kitchen Hygiene (food safety in the SCA kitchen)
Lady Ishmala bint Yuhannah                          Sugar Paste for Beginners 
Lady Guenievre de Monmarche                      “These Things come from the Terrestrial Paradise..."
Lady Guenievre de Monmarche                      "Pies: the Ideal Tourney Food"  
Lady Genevieve Darroch                                “Feast Planning Preparation and Serving”  
Lady Carres Sabran                                         Cordial Making
*Mistress Magdalena vander Meere was formally known as Meredydd ferch Owain               
“Cooking with Flowers”, $5.00 Fee, Limit 20: 
This class includes information about edible flowers, a wide assortment of period recipes using edible flowers, and the hands-on preparation of one of the recipes included in the class materials.

“Food and Feasting in Renaissance Italy”, $2.00 Fee, No Limit:  
This class will include an in-depth discussion of feasting in Renaissance Italy -- social implications, ambiance and "tools" used, and, of course, recipes gathered from a wide variety of sources.
"These Things Come from the Terrestrial Paradise..." 
Spices were expensive and highly prized in the Middle Ages. This class examines why they were highly prized, and how this value affected their use in food and medicine. (1 hour)
"Pies: the Ideal Tourney Food" 
Pies both sweet and savory are found in every known medieval cookbook. Because they are self-contained, pies are and were an ideal food for travelers. We will examine the different types of pies and how medieval and modern pies differ. Ideas for improvising on the theme of "pie" will also be covered. (1 hour)        
“Hands-On Mustard Making”
This class will briefly cover the chemistry and history of mustard as well as a review of a number of period recipes. After a brief review of the basic steps in making uncooked mustard recipes, the class will learn by doing and make at least one type of mustard in a period fashion.   
“Vinegar - History and Care and Feeding of:”
A review of vinegar in history, and in period including uses, recipes, and flavored vinegars with an emphasis on how to "grow" your own at home. If my culture cooperates, I will try and have vinegar mother to assist others in starting their own crops.
“Plant Confusions" 
This class will cover period plant confusions such as:  citrons (a melon and a citrus), wheat and buckwheat, pine apple in period being the "apple" of the pine, pinecones, etc.
“Outdoor spit roasting class”
Are you tired of cooler fodder?  Is the recent Peanut Butter scare more than you can handle? 
Cooking outside at events in period like fashion is easier than you may think.  Forget the PB&J's and learn to cook Pork Loin and other fine food stuffs over an open fire.  Go from digging for what the fighters have left in the cooler to eating high on the hog.       
Period Manuscripts
This class will go over a list of extant cooking manuscripts (currently known), a list of manuscripts in translation, and where to find manuscripts on the web.  If time permits we will briefly discuss using multiple translations of the same manuscript in your research.

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