[Sca-cooks] waffles/holhippen

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Mon Mar 12 06:34:18 PDT 2007

>>I also use a fairly expensive
>>Cassell's dictionary that gives a lot of usage information.  I'm still
>>looking for some Middle German dictionaries so I can be a little more
> Which edition is that, and how expensive?  I've been using the Harper
> Collins unabridged German dictionary, checked out from the library,
> but want to get a good dictionary of my own.

I use the Cassell's German-English English-German Dictionary that was 
revised by Harold T. Betteridge.  It costs about $40 new.  I bought mine 
used for about $10.  Over the years, I've found Cassell and Langenscheidt to 
produce superior foreign language dictionaries.

>>At the moment, I'm playing with some of the fish recipes from Wecker, so 
>>a little more sensitive to the language than I am usually.
> Please share?
> Ranvaig

I will as I get them done or as I run into liguistic problems to which 
someone else may have the answer.


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