[Sca-cooks] ideas for beef brisket

Pixel, Goddess and Queen pixel at hundred-acre-wood.com
Tue Mar 13 08:07:37 PDT 2007

I bought two pounds of beef brisket on Sunday for a recipe that the 
Consort and I were going to be making. Said recipe calls for flank steak, 
but for some odd reason I didn't feel like paying $5.99/lb for flank steak 
and the brisket was on sale. Well, the Consort decided that he'd rather 
have the flank steak, so now I have a brisket that I have no idea what to 
do with.

So I need ideas as to what to do with it. Consort says "You'll come up 
with something." What did they do with this part of the cow in period?

Many thanks,

Margaret FitzWilliam

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