[Sca-cooks] Party on while Papa's Gone to Gulf Wars

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I'd love to have the pattern, if you can pass it on--Caointiarn, I call dibs
on this! (and that goes for any other, largely lurking Artemisians...y'all
can take one big guess on who the intended target is)
We have a duke here, in Artemisia, who's gotten this probably-deserved
reputation for liking the wretched things.  He ended up with some many
(Maire looks away innocently and whistles....) that he ended up shellacing
(shellacking? sp?) some, and putting them on strings, and giving them out as
his doodads-of-choice for the King's Councilor awards at the end of his
second reign.  They're pretty highly coveted.  ;o)  So a "new" version of
said critter might be enjoyable to, uhm, inflict, even if in an
unofficial-friends-just-being-silly fashion.

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> >They taste *all* bad???
> >
> >--Maire,
> >of the firm belief that peeps are meant to be thrown or nuked, and
> >not eaten....eeuuuwww....
> Hear! Hear! I don't care for marshmallows, but peeps have an
> unpleasant texture and nasty aftertaste that makes them far far
> worse. I can tolerate a marshmallow, but peeps do not pass my lips. I
> think the one thing they're good for is microwave jousting.... except
> then you have to clean up after them :-(
> We have some real peeps freaks in my kingdom. One guy made a "shield"
> covered with peeps in his colors, arranged like his arms as a joke.
> What a waste of resources. I expect i'll be seeing way too many of
> them in the next month, as we will have 3 camping events (one
> kingdom, one principality and one inter-principality war).
> On the other hand, i happened upon a pattern to make crocheted peeped
> out of fluffy novelty yarns. About the only kind i can stand. But
> remember, neither crochet nor novelty yarn is period.
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