[Sca-cooks] Party on

Caointiarn caointiarn1 at bresnan.net
Wed Mar 14 06:07:56 PDT 2007

That's okay  -- I don't crochet . . .  .yet . . . . . Caointiarn

> I'd love to have the pattern, if you can pass it on--Caointiarn, I call 
> dibs on this! (and that goes for any other, largely lurking 
> Artemisians...y'all  can take one big guess on who the intended target is)
> So a "new" version of  said critter might be enjoyable to, uhm, inflict, 
> even if in an  unofficial-friends-just-being-silly fashion.
> --maire
>> We have some real peeps freaks in my kingdom. <> happened upon a pattern 
>> to make crocheted peeped
>> out of fluffy novelty yarns. About the only kind i can stand. >> Urtatim 
>> (that's err-tah-TEEM)

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