[Sca-cooks] Places to eat in New-York

Greg Wardlaw rattkitten at hughes.net
Thu Mar 15 07:21:59 PDT 2007

Yes and it was originally recommended by Master A. ;)  I think about 2-
3 years ago for my New York trip.  I also recommend window shopping in 
Little Italy, and then Buying in China Town.  Not sure why  and don't 
want to be steretotypical... but the Italians are higher priced and are 
suffering on putting their kids through college... in Chinatown they 
will haggle the price and thank you for paying less... It was rather 

There is a Restaurant Supply Place in Chinatown with AWESOME Prices.  
(10" Henkel 4 star for like $85.00) I believe the Store is called Sang 
Kung?  That is the websites name at least.... Also a great fabric store 
as well.  


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