[Sca-cooks] gold for food prices

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Thu Mar 15 09:45:01 PDT 2007

this may be off topic for some, i apologize.

i have a wholesale price for the 23k edible, loose gold. from one supplier..
since i have so many people asking me it is faster to post to the lists.

a booklet of 25 leaves would end up being 30 dollars from this supplier
(well, technically 29 and some change) but they only have a few boxes left
in stock, with the next delivery from manufacturor being due in 4 weeks.
this company doesnt think they can ship before next monday or tuesday, but i
would have it next day, as they are based in Ny and i am in philadelphia.

i am still waiting for the price list from the other supplier, but suspect
it would be similar... still i do not know for sure.
i have seen retail on the edible 23 k gold ranging from 50-70 dollars per
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