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Thank you for the suggestions Johnnae

I will see what our library can ILL for me (I keep
forgetting ILL as an option.)   I had googled (and
found many places selling the stuff, but not much on
instructions or techniques.  I had also checked the
file in the Floriligium (thank you Stefan) and found
good stuff as usual but not quite what I was hoping

How can I keep the gold smooth when applying it to
something like a glazed cake?

Is there a way (other than purchasing pre-made
sprinkles, since I already have leaf) to get gold leaf
into the champagne glass, preferably something I can
do in advance, rather than at the last moment.  (this
being done at a country club, I cant just prep the
classes the day before, or I would take that option.) 
Does anyone have a source for champagne with gold in
it that could get to Colorado within 2 weeks?

In Service
Gwen Cat

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They sell a special gold leaf for champagne-- see
Amazon of all
They also sell gold leaf for chocolates etc.

I'll tell you where I have come across gold leaf and
food is in the 
ultra dessert books. Like A Modernist View of Plated
Desserts, etc.
You might try the local library and see if they be
gotten for you if 
they don't own them.
http://www.gildedplanet.com/ediblegoldleaf.asp has
recipes and 
instructions also.

Lots of others can be found thru Google


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