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Fri Mar 16 16:30:21 PDT 2007

OK, I'm finally posting, only because this caught my attention:

Maire wrote:
 Speaking of
grilled salmon, there was a tasty salmon dish, grilled and served cold, if
I'm remembering, and served with, maybe a dill/sour cream sauce? at the
event in An Tir I attended last December.  Lainie may remember it better,
although she was pretty busy that night...
As I recall Lainie didn't get any of the salmon because she was pacing
around being all nervous, afraid to put too many bites inside her cote and
posing for pictures (which I still owe her)  And I hope the salmon was
supposed to be served cold because it was very cold - refrigerated - by the
time it was served.  IIRC this was also a slowly served feast due to half
the kitchen being out of power for most of the day (and I was glad I had my
knitting to keep me busy - which reminds me that I still owe Maire a
tutorial on how to do nalbinding).

Mel. - from Meridies - desperately trying to get "home" to An Tir (someone
want to buy a 2400 sq ft 4B/2b plus 3 bonus rooms home in Hurricane

The Honorable Lady Melbrigða Leifsdottir

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