[Sca-cooks] Fish was Test

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 17:48:05 PDT 2007

--- Michelle LR <melbrigda at gmail.com> wrote:

> Mel. - from Meridies - desperately trying to get "home" to An Tir (someone
> want to buy a 2400 sq ft 4B/2b plus 3 bonus rooms home in Hurricane
> Central?)
> -- 
> Mel.
> The Honorable Lady Melbrigða Leifsdottir
> http://melbrigda.blogspot.com/

Sure!  I have a $1.50 that I can spare.  If necessary, I can maybe raise a whole Three

Perhaps you should hold a raffle?  Find 3000 people to pay $100 for the chance to win the
house.  You get a good price and one person gets the house...


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