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Wed Mar 21 16:07:23 PDT 2007

Johnnae wrote:
>  On 3/4/07, Kathleen Madsen <kmadsen12000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  Pomegranate juice first started hitting the market
>>  shelves about 2 years ago.  One morning I woke up and
>>  it was everywhere not just in health food stores.
>>  Eibhlin
>Those interested in the new pomegranate products may want to take
>a look at the May 2007 issue of Fine Cooking.
>Their Test Kitchen section is featuring pomegranate products on pages
>74-75 with mail order sources on page 78. Pomegranate molasses, juice,
>vinegar and syrup are mentioned.

I have been buying unsweetened pomegranate juice at health food 
stores since at least the early 1980s. It is much more available now, 

In large measure, it is being promoted for health reasons, because 
dark blue, purple, and dark red fruits have "anthrocyanins", which 
are supposed to be good for one's health.

As for Stefan's dilemma, finding only very expensive pomegranate 
juice at the health food store... well, i don't know if there are any 
Trader Joe's markets in... is it Austin where you live, Stefan? 
...but anyone who does have one not too far away, TJ's has bottled 
unsweetened pomegranate juice and bottled unsweetened blueberry juice 
for almost to half the price of the organic at Whole Foods.

Don't get me wrong, i drop much of my food money at WF, and i tend to 
opt for certified organic. But i'd rather pay $4.99 for the blueberry 
at TJ's than $7.99 for the same amount of organic at WF.

Recently i've been buying unsweetened cranberry, unsweetened 
pomegranate, and unsweetened blueberry juices at TJs and mixing them 
equally, adding a little water, since the flavors are so intense. 
Lip-smackin' good, to me, anyway..

I also find bottles of unsweetened black currant juice at TJs, which 
i turn into syrup to take to SCA events.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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