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Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 16:06:26 PDT 2007

DOn't get me started....I absolutely refuse to shop at Wal-mart or
Sam's...and encourage my friends/acquaintances/anyone I can collar to talk
to not to shop there.  Their employment practices are terrible...minimum
wages, no insurance...and they often have people work just short of
full-time to avoid having to pay any benefits.  They have a glass ceiling
when it comes to women and minorities...and they will do whatever it takes,
including breaking state and local laws, to make a buck.  In our county, for
example, they wanted to build one of their super stores.  They were turned
down by our planning commission because the proposed building would be too
large.  They appealed the decision to the County Commissioners.  Again
turned down.  So they said that they would build two stores, side-by-side to
get around the law.  Fortunately our Commissioners aren't as dumb as I guess
they look...they refused permission for that as well because the money made
by each of the stores would go to the same corporation.  sigh.   Up until
quite recently, they didn't even pay corporate taxes in Maryland because of
a loop-hole in the law that permitted them to incorporate in Delaware, which
doesn't require corporate taxes!

I hope I haven't offended anyone here...that wasn't my intent.  I just think
folks should know that they are such poor corporate citizens.


On 3/29/07, Vitaliano Vincenzi <vitaliano at shanelambert.com> wrote:
> The local what? Did you say Wal-Mart? Don't know what that is - and if I
> did I am sure I would NEVER shop there. :)
> For those out of my sphere of influence:
> http://www.shanelambert.com/2006/05/why-wal-mart-sucks.php
> Haven't been back to one since.

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