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Thu Mar 29 22:52:24 PDT 2007

Aldyth asked:
<<< I am looking for good documentation for various grains during  
our  period.
My A&S paper is  going to be about bread, the  fermentation process  
and the
grains used. What I am really hoping to find  is something along the  
lines of
bread from x was made with x flour.   Because x grain grew there. >>>

You might want to check these files in the FOOD-BREADS-GRAINS section  
of the Florilegium.

Ancent-Grains-art (24K)  5/30/01    "Looking into Ancient Grains" by  
                                        Christianna MacGrain.
BNYeast-art       (14K)  4/24/97    "A Brief Note on Yeast" by  
Katerine Rountre.
bread-msg        (220K)  3/23/06    Medieval breads and grains.
flour-msg        (106K)  3/ 8/07    Types of flour. Sources. Period  
grains-msg        (82K)  3/28/06    Medieval grains. Recipes. Cooking.
leavening-msg     (24K)  3/28/06    Period leavening agents other  
than yeast.
yeasts-msg        (84K) 10/ 1/06    Medieval use of yeast. Using it  
in the CMA.

When you finish your A&S paper, I'd love to consider it for the  
Florilegium. Often such papers will work if they can stand alone  
without the object they are documenting. Since my standard policy is  
to take updates you can always replace it with a more formal paper on  
the same subject later, or update it as you learn more.

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