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Hi Stefan,
I've found lots of pomegranate juices that are reasonably priced at HEB
recently. There were some in the refrigerated orange juice section for $7.99
for a big bottle. There were also pomegranate blends on the aisle with the
apple juice and grape juice. I found a half gallon of it at Costco for
$6.99. I usually drink it watered down because it is just a bit much full
strength. I also add it to lemonade or 7-up/Sprite/ginger ale. Anything in
the "health food" aisle is going to be priced higher just because they can.


On 3/29/07, Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> Urtatim said:
> <<< As for Stefan's dilemma, finding only very expensive pomegranate
> juice at the health food store... well, i don't know if there are any
> Trader Joe's markets in... is it Austin where you live, Stefan? >>>
> Yes, I'm in Austin. I haven't actually been looking in the health
> food stores, as there really aren't any that convenient to me. I
> think I must have been referring to the "health" section of the juice
> row at my local HEB grocery store. A single section in the juice row
> where they sem to cluster the organic and other unusual, and more
> expensive, juices. Hmm. then the next section is the regular juices
> and then you get into the sections of "fruit beverages" Hi-C and the
> like. I hadn't realized it until I was describing it that the quality
> and price of the juice tends to progress downward as you progress
> from the front to the back of the store on that row.
> Unfortunately, we don't have any Trader Joe's around here, although
> from what folks on this list have said, it would be nice to have a
> few. However, we do have Central Market and that is a regional
> concept gradually growing from Austin outward to Dallas and Houston,
> and I assume eventually to elsewhere.
> <<< ...but anyone who does have one not too far away, TJ's has bottled
> unsweetened pomegranate juice and bottled unsweetened blueberry juice
> for almost to half the price of the organic at Whole Foods. >>>
> Whole Foods started in Austin, also, but they aren't as convenient to
> me as the grocery stores, so I don't go there as often. However, the
> closest Whole Foods is closer to me than the closest Central Market.
> As someone else mentioned, the flagship home office store downtown
> has a lot of interesting food items that you can buy and eat there in
> the store. However, we don't go there very often because they don't
> sell non-sugared/diet soft drinks because "They aren't natural".
> Well, *I* want something to drink with my meal and as a diabetic the
> fruit juices have too much concentrated "natural" sugar and often tea
> and water aren't really what I want.
> Stefan
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