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Since  I'm in Joplin at the minute, I don't have any of my sources to hand 
and it  will be a week before I'm back with them.  I"m quite willing to help  
you with possible references at that time.  Until then, let me  suggest 
rooting through the Florilegium.

I have gotten excellent feedback from many people. I have also been  rooting. 
 :-))  I can see where my question was perceived as  simplistic.  It was.  
But in  a generic sense.  I have dry  cultures I want to start as fermentation 
sponges, and would like to use the most  "appropriate" flour to the sponge.  
What began as an exercise in tasting  different flours from different grains and 
beans/peas/nuts for my cooks guild  has become my monster. My brain began to 
wander (and those who know me can now  run screaming).  What if we could re 
create bread specific to a culture for  a feast? So off I went in search of what 
grain belonged where.  I have many  sources from paleolithic digs of what was 
found "way back then". and many  writings post period regarding cultivated 
domesticated grain and what the mini  ice ages did to each.  There is a really 
interesting article on the ground  collecting of wild cereals in proceedings 
from the National Academy of  Science.  I was just longing for the color coded m
aps of junior high  school. :-))  My A&S paper may just get to be an overview 
instead of  the real deal. 
If it is not  any fun, stop doing it. Find something that is fun, and start 
doing it. Life is  too short not to have fun.

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