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I'm sending this to a friend, so thought I'd share with the list...
from Sunset Magazine's old edition of Cooking for Two
2 rock cornish game hens (16-20 oz each)
seasoned salt and pepper
2 T butter or margarine, melted
half-teaspoon EACH seasoned salt, ground ginger, paprika
cherry sauce (recipe follows)
orange slices (garnish)
2 T brandy for flaming (optional)
Thaw hens. Set aside giblets for other use. Rinse and pat hens dry.  Sprinkle 
inside cavities with seasoned salt & pepper (I'm sure I just used  regular) 
Place breast side up, slightly apart, in roasting pan.  Combine  butter & 
seasonings; brush over hens, using it all. Bake in 350* oven,  uncovered, for about 
1 hr or until leg joints move easily. During last half  hour, baste birds 
several times with the drippings. Meanwhile, prepare cherry  sauce and keep warm 
over low heat.  When hens are roasted, discard excess  fat from pan juices and 
stir juices into cherry sauce. Arrange hens on serving  plates and garnish 
with orange slices; keep warm. To flame birds, warm brandy in  a small 
container; ignite (not under an exhaust fan or flammable objects) and  pour, flaming, 
into sauce. While still flaming, spoon sauce over birds.
1 sm can (circa 8 oz) pitted dark sweet cherries
2/3 C water
1 chicken bouillon cube
1 sm onion, cut into wedges
8 cloves
one quarter t cinnamon
1 T cornstarch, stirred into 1 T water until smooth
one quarter t grated lemon peel
1 T lemon juice
Drain syrup from cherries & reserve. Combine 1/3 C of  reserved syrup with 
water, bouillon cube, onion, cloves, &  cinnamon in pan. Bring to boil, 
stirring, then reduce heat and simmer,  uncovered, for 10 min. Strain, discarding 
cloves and onion. Return sauce to pan.  Stir water/cornstarch slurry into sauce 
and cook, stirring, until it boils &  thickens. Stir in cherries, lemon peel, & 
juice. Set aside & keep warm.  When birds are done, add in pan juices and 
flame if desired. Otherwise, spoon  over birds.
Haven't made this in too long. 

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