[Sca-cooks] Bread and butter issues

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 31 21:39:44 PDT 2007

I think that if the author objected to butter being spread on bread, he would have stated
the phrase differently.  It sounds to me that he is objecting to butter being spread with
the thumb, which he seems to think that only Frisians do and therefore don't copy them.


--- Volker Bach <carlton_bach at yahoo.de> wrote:

> Something I just came across doing research on
> manners: 
> A Middle Low German guide to table manners dated to
> the fourteenth century, originally published by A.
> Lübben in Germania 21, 1876m pp. 424-430. I'm working
> on getting my hands on the original data, right now
> I'm going from a reprinting in Endermann, H.: So du zu
> tische wollest gan, Union Verlag Berlin, 1991. 
> Some very good stuff in there, I'm hoping to get to
> grips with it more intimately. THe sentence that
> struck me was: 
> Du enscalt nicht de botteren planeren mit dem dumen
> uppe din brot alse ein Vrese
> You shall not spread the butter over your bread with
> your thumb like a Frisian.
> Butter apparently was provided as a kind of condiment
> at table (the text speaks of adding it to spoon
> dishes, and coordinating this with your fellow diner),
> and I wish I knwew whether the author here
> disapprocves of the combination with bread, the
> spreading, or the use of the thumb. 
> Nifty. I like the last days of being sick - time for
> research, not too much fever. 
> Giano
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