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Tue May 1 05:21:41 PDT 2007

Thanks so much to everyone.  I've sent a message to our Exchequer, politely
suggesting a change.  However, I fear she's a little resistant to changes of
ths sort, so it may/may not happen.  Despite several requests, she still
refers to the head cook as a feastocrat (shudderrrrrrrr.....).  I think she
means well, she's just not into the real historic aspects of our group.


On 5/1/07, Terry Decker <t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> > I believe that the period term for the person in charge of access to the
> > gate of a keep or monastery was "porter".  Unfortunately, at least in
> the
> > East,
> > that term has been designated for the Kingdom level officer in charge of
> > helping with access for those with disabilities, so it's not really
> > available.
> > How about gatekeeper for the person and gate for the  place?  It's
> better
> > than
> > troll, and what I am trying to teach myself to  use.
> >
> > Brangwayna
> Gatekeeper works fine.  You might try the Latin term "portarius," although
> for our purposes "warder" is probably a better choice with the person in
> charge being the "Warden of the Gate."  Just for fun, a porter at a
> religious institution might also be referred to as "ostiary."
> Bear
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