[Sca-cooks] Home cooked alternatives

Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Wed May 2 09:12:05 PDT 2007

>What about the rest of ya'll? How often do you really dine vs eat? I'm
>not trying to combative or start a fuss. I'm truly curious. I just
>find that it is more of a treat than an everyday occurence and curious
>I'm alone in that or if it is more common.

Last night I had braised pork roundels with steamed baby carrots and tiny 
gold yukon potatos with a current sauce for the pork.  I also went shopping 
after work, made 12 lampwork beads and changed out a cat litter box for a 
new one and moved several ginger slices to a dehydrator.

Night before I had baked sea bass with a thin leek sauce over that and the 
bed of rice it was on with a small spinach and mandarin orange salad.  I 
also made 10 lampwork beads, put two pounds of sliced and boiled (multiple 
times of days) slices of candying ginger on a screen to pre-dry before 
moving to a couple of dehydrators, packaged up 19 portions of Dukes Powder 
into tiny zip locks which I then put in sheer decorative draw-string bags 
and finally into tiny red chinese "carry out" boxes.

Sunday I joined friends for supper.

Saturday I had fresh steamed crabs and a large salad and rice.  I also made 
up a huge portion of Dukes Powder (burned up two spice grinders!), did 
laundry, put finishing touches on a leather heraldic shield banner, hand 
stitched several more seams on a piece of new garb, went to the Baronesses 
house to help try out putting up her new tent, delivered gear to someone and 
wrote three letters.  Oh, and I swept the hallway on my floor of the 

Basically, I prepare a meal almost every day.  I really don't like most 
other peoples cooking.  Even at the favorite restaurant I go to with friends 
I bring in recipes and sample variations of ways to prepare items on their 
menu ~ and they listen!  Next week I am making two versions of recipes of 
Mac and Cheese for the owner to try out.  He has been asked to add it to his 
menu by one of our gang and he is most willing.

But that is just me.....I'm a little odd.....

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