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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Wed May 2 13:59:21 PDT 2007

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I also find that when I am working on foods to be taken to SCA events
(sideboards or subtleties or
donations of treats to royal rooms or meetings) I am especially bad
about making them eat
out or order in. In that case the kitchen here is tied up with Society
I suspect that is typical as no one
has a kitchen large enough for SCA projects and family meals all at the
same time. > > > > >

While I don't get much SCA cookery in these days . . . my 483 sq foot
kitchen works out admirably to feed family, friends and 100 customers in a
day.  Not everyone has access to (or owns) the commercial kitchen I have, so
it does indeed make for space and scheduling challenges at a home kitchen.
I do think everyone should get a chance to own a 50,000 BTU double stack
Blodgett Bake oven (model 981) for their home.  It is a breeze to bake off
breads, casseroles and meats for hundreds.  5.5 cubic feet of space per
compartment (42x32x7) and durable as a tank.  Sure, it takes up more space
than a GE range/stove, and you can't sautee with it . . . but the baking is

niccolo difrancesco

(I had a site kitchen once that had three stacked Blodgett ovens (all on top
of each other):
one single 16" high conmpartment
one single 12" high compartment
one double 7" high compartment . . . . we had an oven based menu that
weekend, and stuff that could be held effectively in the ovens before

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