[Sca-cooks] Home Cooked Alternatives

ranvaig at columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed May 2 19:37:05 PDT 2007

>However, about a week and a half ago, I joined Weight Watchers.  Boy.  That
>was a rude awakening.  I've got to get a little more creative or I'm going to
>be bored out of my gourd pretty soon.  I'm doing the Core program so 
>it is lots
>of veggies, fruits, and lean meat, but not a whole lot of bread, rice, or

I've been in a wheelchair for 5 yrs, and worked very hard to loose 60 
lbs over the last two years.  Then before Christmas, I tore the 
ligament in my good knee and couldn't walk at all for a week, and was 
even more limited than usual in what I could do.  I'm about back to 
MY normal, where the wheelchair stays in the car except for work and 
shopping, but I gained back 20 lbs while it was healing.  I'm trying 
to schedule knee replacement, but really need to loose weight for a 
good outcome.

My knee surgeon recommended Dr Barnard's Reversing Diabetes Diet. 
Basically, its vegan, very low fat, no limit on complex carbs, but 
pick food with low glycemic index.  Lots of raw vegies, absolutely no 
added fat of any kind.  I already was semi-vegetarian, and the 
hardest change is doing with out cheese and nuts.  I was pretty 
dubious, but in the first week I've lost 5 lbs, my clothes are 
noticeably looser, and I'm feeling great and more energetic.  No 
effect on my blood sugar yet, but I'm hopeful.

As for eating vs dining, I work from 2pm-9pm, my husband and daughter 
have usually eaten by the time I get home, and I'm usually hurting 
too much to start cooking then.   Friday is my day off, and I try to 
cook several things for the week to come, but it doesn't always 
happen.  Often my son and his wife or some friends come over on 
Sunday, but its more likely to be buffet style, take your plate to 
the sofa and watch a movie.


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