[Sca-cooks] Dutch Pancakes

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sun May 6 18:51:13 PDT 2007

Why don't you let me take a look at my copy and see if I can
find whatever it is that you think you are looking for? Do you have a
oage reference? If so, from where?
Yes, I own a paperback edition dated 1981 that I bought in
Belgium in 1985.


> In a message dated 5/6/2007 6:07:46 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time,  
> grm at andrew.cmu.edu writes: 
> Annie van't Veer
>         Oud-Hollands Kookboek         1966, Prisma Boeken
>         Paperback, 190 pp.         In Dutch.
> ...and  here's a site in Holland that appears to have a copy for sale:
> _http://www.qoop.nl/index.php?page=%2Fshowartikel.php%3FartikelID%253D4621599_
>  (http://www.qoop.nl/index.php?page=/showartikel.php?artikelID%3D4621599) 
> =======================
>  And if there is someone on the list who can read the auction site and  
> perhaps bid on it, I would entertain buying it.  And then wrangle someone  into 
> translating it.  :-))
> Aldyth

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