[Sca-cooks] Latest on the birdies- OT

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Sun May 6 21:44:24 PDT 2007

My little banties are matching the big hens for eggs, and there's more
big hens ;-) Suspect, though, it's because some of my big girls are
getting rather old for laying lots of eggs. Not going to mention that
to my roommate, though, or she'll want them for the stew pot. I
figure, as hard as they've worked, they're welcome to a quiet
retirement ;-)

My goslings and ducks are doing very well, but the Romans are
characters ;-) And, I've been herding my crew (the 4 Romans and the 4
ducks) out to the front yard to get some fresh air and grass every
day. Yesterday, I set up a light fence for them, and even though the
ducklings had only been there twice, they charged right out there and
into the fenced area ;-)

The goslings aren't as speedy- they tend to get distracted on the way,
and taste everything that will stay still long enough- I'm forever
shoving them along with the broom, which is what I'm using to herd

And, the goslings know exactly what they're supposed to be doing,
although they don't always do it. Two of them figured out how to get
out of the fence, and keep escaping, but, when they see me coming, try
like all get out to get back in- they know they're not supposed to be
out ;-)

This week, I'll start the second batch of goslings in the tub, and
next week have them join the older birds in their daily walks and
sunbaths in their "playpen", as I call it ;-)

I'm continually amazed at how they're growing, and how much feed
they're going through. By Wednesday, they little twirps will have gone
through 100 lbs of starter feed, and when they arrived, the whole
batch couldn't have weighed more than 3 lbs.

Glad I got involved with them. They're infinitely entertaining. And, I
just found out that another breed of goose I've had my eyes on may be
period as well. They're called Sebastopols, and they look like a goose
that got caught in a windstorm- here's a picture ;-)


Saint Phlip

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