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Greetings all.

Sorry to come late to this conversation, but I am preparing for a European
Lowlands feast and actually have been playing with some of these recipes
recently. In fact, it looks as though we will be serving Dutch pancakes for
breakfast. First, here are some bits of information on the auction site.
Original link:
URL for auction frame: http://www.qoop.nl/showartikel.php?artikelID=4621599
"bied op dit artikel" allows you to bid
"qoopNu! (direct kopen)" is the equivalent of "Buy Now" if I understand
"ingeschreven" is registration for the site
The auction ends on May 20 at 12:25AM, presumably Central European Time.
There were no bids on it when I looked.
I used the Babel Fish translation service to find most of this information
(http://babelfish.altavista.com/). If you use this, you should put in the
URL for the frame separately from the main site in order to get all of the
pieces in the general direction of readable.

Here are some Dutch language pancake recipes. Note that some may be Flemish,
but I leave it up to you to decide if you want to play with them.

To make lenten pancakes.
Take fine flour which you shall beat up with yeast. Then make dough from it.
Then, from the same dough, one shall take a small lump and make it square
[and] very thin, in any case as thin as it is possible to make, until small
holes appear. Then fry them well in rape oil. Some, who wish to, fry raisins
therein and they stick them one here and there and also small pieces of
Het eerste gedrukte Nederlandsche kookboek, Thomas vander Noot

How to make wine-cakes.
Take three eggs with the white and three without the white. Beat that well
together and put therewith three or four small spoons of Rhenish  wine and
grated white bread and sugar (as much as you like), also some melted butter
and temper it well together, however leave the butter to become a bit brown
in a pan. Then take a spoonful of the same and lay here and there in the pan
and bake the small cakes just as one bakes the deusegeerkens and then
sprinkle thereon those that you please and then serve.
Eenen seer schoonen, ende excellenten Cocboeck, Carolus Battus
- There is a redaction of this here:

How to make small-whore's-farts.
Take roasted white-bread, wine, eggs, ginger and sugar. Mix well together
and bake hereof small-cakes in the pan with butter and scrape thereon sugar
and serve.
Eenen seer schoonen, ende excellenten Cocboeck, Carolus Battus
- I have made this one. It was one of the easier pancake recipes I have
tried. The English pancake recipe I have used is more finicky - it seems to
be derived directly from a wafer recipe.

Panckoecken (medieval dutch pancakes)
Yield: 4 servings
1 ¼  cup  Flour
⅞  ounce  Fresh yeast
1 ¼  cup  Tepid milk
1   Egg
⅞  ounce  Melted butter
⅓  ounce  Salt
Make a dough from the ingredients and knead it, preferably with your hands.
After you've done that, let the dough raise for one hour. Then roll it out
as thinly as you can manage (stop when small holes appear) on a flour-dusted
surface. In the middle ages, people deep-fried the panckoecken in rapeseed
oil. For special occasions they sometimes added a few raisins or small
pieces of apple (used as a cake for Lent). At what stage of the preparation
is not known, but I assume they added them to the dough before rolling it
out. This way, the pancakes turn out thicker, but that's what is needed to
keep the raisins or pieces of apple from falling out. Since this is a
medieval recipe, it didn't have a list of ingredients, only instructions.
The amounts of the ingredients mentioned in this recipe are educated guesses
by the Dutch cookbook author Annie van't Veer. Recipe translated and typed
by Heiko Ebeling. Submitted By HEIKO EBELING On 07-01-95
- This looks like the original recipe came from Thomas vander Noot's work,
the first one on my list.

I am sending this message as Unicode in order to display properly. If you
have problems, please contact me directly and I will re-send using a
different format. I hope this is helpful to you.



Yet again I have found a dead  end.  I have found many remarks about a dutch
cookbook by Annie Van't  Veer.  Is there a title?  It seems to be the
authority on dutch  pancakes.  The recipes I have found are all the same,
and simply refer to  this "cookbook". I was hoping to find both the cookbook
and the original work  that was translated.  Any ideas?


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