[Sca-cooks] The Simple Pleasures of a Foodie

Mairi Ceilidh jjterlouw at earthlink.net
Wed May 9 10:51:43 PDT 2007

Pie!  I'm sure you could get 1/2 C. juice from these paragons.  Add that to
1 can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk) and three egg yolks.
Mix well.  Pour into prepared graham cracker crust.  Beat left over egg
whites with a little sugar until stiff peaks form.  Spread meringue over
pie.  Bake until meringue starts to show color.  Cool.  Try not to eat it
all in one sitting.

Mairi Ceilidh, who really wants lime pie now

Yesterday at my local supermarket I was thrilled to find 2 gi-normous limes!
Now, I have no use (yet) for limes but I absoluted could not NOT buy them,
especially as they were listed at $.059 each and not the weight-in-gold
prices citrus has been selling for. (And when I got to the checkout, they
scanned as only $0.33 each!)
Now, of course I must think of a use for only 2 admittedly huge limes. (One
of them is bigger than the average lemon.) guacamole and salsa immediately
come to mind, since I do not drink much and that lets Margharitas and
Gimlets out. If the weather was not 100 degrees or so I would roast a
chicken and squeeze the juice over it as it comes out of the oven.
Sooo - any suggestions?

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