[Sca-cooks] completely OOP/OT gas range question

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Wed May 16 16:22:23 PDT 2007

PLEASE, PLEASE pardon the intrusion with this question.  There are informed
people here who can answer this question better than anyone else I know.  I
am re-opening my pizzeria and adding upscale dining room later in the year.

I am looking for a new gas range as the old albatross I have is greasy,
burners are inefficient, stove thermostat is broken (off or 550F) and
company is out of business.  No parts available to make the stove work, so
need a replacement now.

So, I come to the assembled braintrust about how much power I need for my
range . . . gas supply is ample for anything I would get that I can afford.
The one I am looking at is a basic Imperial 6-burner.  I really need a $1200
to $1500 basic range for now until I see need for bigger beast.  We sautee,
cook some sauces, braise a little and do some pasta boiling on cooktop.  4
burners is ample for now, so 6 is good purchase number for me.

[*] six 28,000 BTU burners
[*] 35,000 BTU oven

My question is whether the 28K is enough heat for my sautee needs.  I know
more is better when it comes to speed and volume of sautee.  I can manage a
pretty high heat skillet with dexterity and success.  My less talented staff
may not be so fortunate.  I was thinking that 32,000 to 35,000 is more my
goal, but the model I would need to get (and can afforD) is a few hundred
higher, plus has 2 to three week lead time.  I need one within the week and
can buy one off the floor with the 28K burners.

So, do I suck it up with the greasy monster in my sparkly new kitchen to get
the 4,000 extra BTU, or is the 28,000 going to be enough for this range . .
. and then get more muscle in the second one when we get the upscale place

to many gaps in my question?  Please inquire if I left out some huge,
important detail.

niccolo difrancesco
(embroiled in mundane construction and health inspections . . . I never want
to frame or sheetrock another wall as long as I live.  Or at least for
another 6 weeks when we start the next phase.)

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