[Sca-cooks] completely OOP/OT gas range question

ranvaig at columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed May 16 22:43:08 PDT 2007

>I am looking for a new gas range as the old albatross I have is greasy,
>burners are inefficient, stove thermostat is broken (off or 550F) and
>company is out of business.

My apartment has promised a replacement stove tomorrow.  The existing 
stove is 20 some years old , and anything has to be an improvement. 
The burners go out if you try to simmer. I made a cheesecake for 
Easter, an hour later, discovered that the oven turns off if it is 
set too low too.  The insulation is faulty and you can burn yourself 
on the outside when the oven is on, and the wall of the room behind 
it gets hot to the touch.  I've no idea what they will bring, but its 
sure not going to be a high BTU six burner.


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