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Try Carol. We are indeed, Legion. I threatened one time to refer to our encampment at Gulf Wars as the Camp of 5 Carols. In college, I lived in a dorm with 6 other Carols. 2 of us were art students with glasses and long dark hair, and we had blond roommates named Donna who were nursing students. Confusion reigned....
My previous SCA name was Roscelin, by the time the Heralds got through with it. It was quickly shortened to Roz. Gee, there were 3 OTHER Rozs in the Kingdom. Two of them Peers, and we kept getting each others e-mails, because we all used the same e-mail provider!
 That is why I dug until I found the SCA Name I now use-Helen. I am the only Helen in Meridies. I think there is one in the East and one in the West, society-wide. I like having a chance at being individual, finally. <G>
Though it doesn't help when I get in trouble....
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> Perhaps but I think if you ever call strong headed Susans  minions the 
> harem would immediately dissolve! Husband says perhaps Laura should just 
> shout Susan help! instead.
> Suey
I don't know many Susans other than the strong headed type, in fact nor 
fiction.  Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5;  Large and in charge.  Sigourney 
Weaver's real first name is Susan.  Susan Shwartz, SF writer, who has 
unequivocally stated that "Susans Rule The Universe" and I believe her.

It almost makes up for those stupid songs they taunt us with.  Suzie Q.  
Wake Up Little Suzie.  A Boy Named Sue.  Gaaah.  And after 40 odd years, 
I think I have finally broken my family of calling a turntable a "lazy 
susan".  Harrumph.

Meanwhile, back in the SCA, most of the Susans I know have other names 
in the game, just like all the Jennifers, Elizabeths, Mikes and Jims.  
It helps.

Selene Sue <grin>
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