[Sca-cooks] Chicken question

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Fri May 18 06:50:40 PDT 2007

Not Phlip, but I survived a childhood/adolescence raising chickens on our
farm (for eating and for eggs).  Chickens themselves don't "stink," they
smell like, well, chicken.
What's potent and eye-watering is the poop (IIRC, it's especially high in
ammonia).  Especially an accumulation of it over the winter in the barn--bad
enough that my father, the jerk ;o), made *me* go in every Spring with the
shovel and pitchfork, and clean out the accumulated layers, because it'd
make him barf, and Dad was a pretty tough guy, otherwise.
So, if you have a few birds that are more family members than livestock,
provided, of course, your municipality allows for them, I don't think they
would smell too bad.  They'd need shelter that didn't crowd them, and
regular cleaning of the shelter, if you don't have a yard for them.
--Maire, former farm grrl

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> Phlip, I'm really enjoying your posts on the ducks,
> geese, and chickens.  I do, however, have a question.
> Do chickens really smell as bad as I remember?

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