[Sca-cooks] Meanderings on family histories and foods

Elise Fleming alysk at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 18 11:52:35 PDT 2007

I commented:
> > Oooh!  Creamed eggs on toast!  My (German) mother used to make this  
> > for us in the week(s) after Easter to help use up all those hardboiled  
> > eggs.  Ours weren't sliced but were diced with the yolk often
disappearing into  
> > the now-yellow cream sauce.  We'd sprinkle paprika on top.  I had
> > forgotten about this!

Adamantius asked:
> Okay. The next crucial question is, did this dish have any other name  
> but creamed eggs? In the family lexicon, it could be served with any  
> of several rice, noodle, or potato accompaniments (bearing in mind we  
> ran from this, ungrateful little creeps we undoubtedly were, but it  
> was considered particularly heinous when served with boiled new  
> potatoes).  (snip)
> But I agree, the paprika garnish would help immensely.

It was only called creamed eggs (on toast) in our family.  It was, if
memory serves, most commonly put on toast although your comment about it
being plopped on rice or noodles sort of rings a bell.  But no, I don't
think my mother ever put it on anything other than toast.  It was rather
like that chipped ham in a cream sauce that the Army folk used to call
"SOS".  I sometimes buy frozen packages of it just to relive old memories -
and use up old bread.  Either my father or my mother used to use up
leftover chicken in the same kind of sauce.  Oh... seems to me that maybe
some canned (from a jar) pimentoes were sliced into it as well.  I'm
getting hungry!

Alys Katharin

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