[Sca-cooks] Creamed eggs, rotten eggs, raw food, and other family foods

Cat . tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 12:14:18 PDT 2007

Greetings the list,

The creamed eggs and the lolipop sauce make me think
my family variation.  I grew up with 'Saur Eggs'
making regular appearances on the menu.  Basically
make a white sauce but with a couple of good dollops
of good German mustard, and a T or so of vinegar
added.  Almost hardboil eggs (meaning the center of
the yolk is still soft, but more than soft boiled) and
make a batch of mashed potatoes.  
On your plate make a nest of the potatoes, drop 2 eggs
in the middle and cover with the nice yellow mustardy
sauce. (need to ask mom if she added anything else.) 
Of course being your typical bratty kid, I dubbed them
'Rotten Eggs.'  And now I REALLY want some of that old
time comfort food.

Adamantius, Those pigs ears dont sound familiar, but I
am gonna check a couple of old cookbooks when I get
home, cause you have me curious.  The thing I grew up
knowing (and loving) as Pigs ears are called Palmiers
in English and are a sweet made of strips of puff
pastry (I remember them being big a 2 small adult
hands side by side, and the really good ones had the
top third dipped in dark chocolate.)

I also grew up on Tartare (raw but seasoned ground
steak) and still indulge occasionally, and am happy to
say my almost sister and her kid both love it too, so
I have others to eat it with) and would LOVE to find a
recipe for Nusstoertchen/Nussthaler (I remember a 3"
disk of a bisquit teig (maybe muerbeteig) topped by
concentric circles of whole hazelnuts.  The top glazed
with something mostly clear and sticky, and the bottom
dipped in dark chocolate.   A challenge for the teeth
but oh so wonderful.

Gwen Cat
apparently in need of a 'home' fix   

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