[Sca-cooks] Horchata - Barley Water

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri May 18 14:29:52 PDT 2007

Someone asked about horchata being barley water or something like that. 
The word horchata (orgeat in English), comes from the Latin: hordeata 
(made with barley) fr. hordeum (barley). Yes originally is was cooling 
drink made with barley. Later nuts of various types were used. It was a 
common drink among Hispano-Arabs, especially in Cordova by the 10th C at 
least. In 15th C. Castile, it was made from orange flower water and 
barley, almonds or other nuts. Later, Valencias substituted barley for 
rice. It was not until the late 17th C that the earthnut was used to 
make the orgeat that known there today.

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