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>--- "Laura C. Minnick" <lcm at jeffnet.org> wrote:
> > I actually like the lemon and lime versions, but why is it you can
> > only find them in diet? Enough of us can't have aspartame that you'd
> > think they'd see the loss of potential revenue...
> >
> > 'Lainie
> > -who likes that Rum and Co-ca Co-la!
>I can and have purchased both lemon flavored and lime flavored Coke in the
>regular sugar-full variety all over Los Angeles County.  I have purchased it
>at Ralph's, Von's and Albertson's.  The only reason that I can think of for
>Oregon not to have it is that Oregonians purchased the diet versions only, so
>the stores don't stock the regular.  I am sure if you asked your 
>market manager,
>you can purchase a case of it for yourself.
My friend Bera grabs the lemon Pepsi for me when she sees it, but it 
is hard to find. At any rate, the regular kind has HFCS in it, which 
I'm trying to keep to a minimum anyway. :-| But I have found that 
seltzer water or club soda mixed with fruit juice (the 100% kind, not 
the kind with HFCS) is really good and better for body and wallet than soda!

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