[Sca-cooks] Southern Foodways Fwd: blood vessels closing down!- OOP

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sun May 20 08:22:43 PDT 2007

I ran across deep fried prime rib awhile ago too.
I suppose if one has 16 gallons of oil and a propane set-up
one might as well fry it all up.
John Edge mentioned that he had wanted to talk about
White Trash Cooking and the man who wrote that book
but the conference arranged for him to speak about the Southern
Foodways Alliance. Their next conference is this fall.

Neat t-shirts and merchandise with bumper stickers that read
Make Cornbread Not War.


Chass wrote:
> What about deep fried coke.... They now make funnel cake and instead of
> using water in the mix the now add coke..... 
> Chass Brown 
> John T. Edge mentioned yesterday smoked ribs that are dry rubbed
> and then sauced. Those are then dipped in batter and fried. Oh and deep 
> fried macaroni.
> It explains our next generation of summer carnival and state fair foods.
> Johnna

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