[Sca-cooks] diet cola beverages

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun May 20 11:13:58 PDT 2007

> I actually like the lemon and lime versions, but why is it you can
> only find them in diet? Enough of us can't have aspartame that you'd
> think they'd see the loss of potential revenue...
> 'Lainie
> -who likes that Rum and Co-ca Co-la!

They also pulled the 2 liters of Diet Coke with Splenda.  Margaret  
had to
switch to Diet Rite Zero for a cost effective cola.


Oh! I bought a couple of liters a few weeks back of the Diet Coke  
with Splenda. I was hoping that this heralded a move to using Splenda  
in the diet cokes. I usually buy Diet Dr B, HEBs house brand of Dr.  
Pepper though, because it is cheaper.

Too bad. It didn't seem to stay around very long. I guess it was  
because of the multitude of different varieties of Coke. However, at  
most restaurants and fast-food places they often have four or five  
varieties of regular soft drinks but usually only one diet one.

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