[Sca-cooks] And more critter doings

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Mon May 21 14:30:22 PDT 2007

So today, I had a Drs appointment, could only let the older geese and
the ducks out for an hour before I had to put them back in. If I leave
them in the pen, they escape and wander up to the house to find me,
and that's closer to the road than I want them without supervision.
So, if I'm gone for more than a few minutes, they get locked up.

Yesterday, I experimented with directing the older birds to the small
field surrounding the pen, and moved the younger geese into the pen
itself, figuring it ought to keep them confined for a while until they
get used to being outdoors. Was very pleased at how easily the babies
herded, considering this was entirely new to them. The older birds are
pretty good about staying where I put them, but this time I had left
them out late again, and this time they paraded up to their cage about
6:30- all I had to do was open the door, and shove the ones who wanted
to stop and gossip at the door in so the rest could get in. Then, all
I needed to do was go get the babies, and herd them up in front of
their cage, and lift them in (it's much higher than the older birds'
cage, because it was set up as a nursery with a heat lamp and
insulated walls- will be doing more rearranging later this week).

Well, as soon as I got back from the Drs appointment, I fed and
watered everyione, and herded the babies down to the play pen, then
herded the older ones down to the field, and came back up here. After
a bit, I went back down, and discovered one of the ducklings had
discovered there was FOOD in with the babies, had managed to get IN to
the playpen, and was bullying the babies, so he(?) could eat all their
food. Just to teach him a lesson, I herded everyone else down to the
other end of the field, and he couldn't follow because he was in the
playpen, and too upset at the flock leaving him to remember how to
sneak out. Then I caught him, and took him on down with the rest.

I've named the ducks, btw, because I at least know what gender they
are- since they're Indian Runners, the drake is Jim Thorpe, the ladies
are Wenona, Sacajawea, and Pocahontas. Still waiting to name the
geese, because I don't know what gender they are, beyond knowing I
have at least one gander and one goose. Will be Roman names, however
;-) Any suggestions?

Anyway, went back to the house for a bit, then went down to see the
birdies again, to see what other amusement they may provide.

Suddenly, I heard a cat crying. It was General Lee, who had escaped
from the house and vanished about 3 weeks ago. He was skinny and
hungry, but otherwise in good shape- he has now been fed, and is
reinvestigating the house. I wish I know where he went on those
journeys- this is the third time he's done that, not counting the
Pennsic he escaped through my bedroom screen, and lived in the bushes
outside my window until I came home. Rob fed him, but he couldn't
catch him, though he came right to me when I called. General Lee, if
you remember, is the feral kitten Cogburn (my old rooster) had

At least he was uninjured, if skinny. Every time Pickett goes aViking,
he comes back with bites from whoever he was fighting with.

Well, back to the birdies, see what trouble they've gotten into today,
while I was writing this up.

Saint Phlip

Heat it up
Hit it hard
Repent as necessary.


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