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Phlip, I love the names you come up with! I think pet naming says a lot about people. Mine tend to be spices, herbs, or jewels - all except Kizmet 'cause that's how I got her.

Did you want notorious, er,  famous Roman names or just general ones? Apicius (sp?) comes to mind. 


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  I've named the ducks, btw, because I at least know what gender they
re- since they're Indian Runners, the drake is Jim Thorpe, the ladies
re Wenona, Sacajawea, and Pocahontas. Still waiting to name the
eese, because I don't know what gender they are, beyond knowing I
ave at least one gander and one goose. Will be Roman names, however
-) Any suggestions?
 Suddenly, I heard a cat crying. It was General Lee, who had escaped
rom the house and vanished about 3 weeks ago. He was skinny and
ungry, but otherwise in good shape- he has now been fed, and is
einvestigating the house. I wish I know where he went on those
ourneys- this is the third time he's done that, not counting the
ennsic he escaped through my bedroom screen, and lived in the bushes
utside my window until I came home. Rob fed him, but he couldn't
atch him, though he came right to me when I called. General Lee, if
ou remember, is the feral kitten Cogburn (my old rooster) had
At least he was uninjured, if skinny. Every time Pickett goes aViking,
e comes back with bites from whoever he was fighting with.

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