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Thanks, Selene! To the rescue, as always.

What is hato mugi? Barley?


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silverr0se at aol.com wrote:
 To add to the grainy confusion...

 Watching the Dotch Cooking Show (Japanese, with subtitles) I've noticed that 
ometimes their dishes are served with somehting called "barley rice." Is this a 
ixture of barley and rice, or maybe barley cooked in the manner of rice, or 
omething completely different? Last time I saw this mentioned, the grains 
ooked someting like the rooled barley I picked up at my local 99 Ranch Market 
ut haven't had a chance to play with yet.

 Anyone know any Japanese cooks?

ou were right the first time.  Here's something like what we saw:  
ttp://www.fatfree.com/foodweb/food-recipes/barley-rice.html I got some good pickled ginger in my fridge right now.  No food coloring 
o it's a bit pale, but you won't mind.
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