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<<My grandma's german potato salad was the bacon/vinegar  version.  Known in 
circles now as "German Crack".  I'm only  allowed to make it once, maybe
twice a year:>>
My family's version is a variant on this.  No actual measurements,  although 
I've estimated them when necessary to share the recipe with  people.  I know 
I've done so at least once on this list.
Potatos - new ones if you can get them, or red skins.
White Vinegar
Salt (I think, I'm blanking now!)
Celery seed
Boil potatos with skins on, then peel when barely cool enough to handle by  
putting the blade of  a paring knife under the edge of the skin and pulling  - 
this is a terribly sticky process which can necessitate frequent rinsing of  
hands and knife - and slice into a bowl.  While potatos are boiling, fry  bacon 
until reasonably crisp (I hate bacon that breaks when you touch it), and  
reserve about 1/4-1/3 cup of the bacon grease - this is one of those things that  
I have to do in a certain teacup that I brought from my mom's house if I want 
to  get it right.  Chop up the bacon and some onion, add to cut potatos along 
 with salt and celery seed.  Add about the same amount of white vinegar or a  
bit more to the bacon fat and whip it together to mix it as well as possible, 
 then pour over the salad and mix.   Add more vinegar directly to  the salad 
to taste.  Let it sit uncovered on the kitchen table, stirring  and tasting 
occasionally and nearly always adding more vinegar.  It is a  family joke that 
the potato salad always needs more vinegar.  It is never  put in the 
refrigerator, although it does get covered once the flavor is  right, and lasts several 
days with no problems.

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