[Sca-cooks] Kings College Class test part 1. (Long)

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<<The spinning chicken was brought in after around 3 hours over  the
fire and was a lot more cooked than I expected. There was just a
small  bit of pink that needed more cooking around the deepest parts
and the thigh.  It was sent to the microwave for 10 minutes and
was cooked through. Next time  3 1/2 hours should do it as well as
cooking the thicker part of the chicken  more.>>
We did a spinning chicken over/beside a wood fire at Pennsic one year, and  
that also took a long time - we finally ended up jointing it and finishing it 
on  the grill over the coals.  But we did discover that watching a chicken spin 
 is mesmerizing.  People would walk into camp to talk to us and lose the  
thread of the conversation while staring at the chicken.

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